Train your brain – save others pain

Christopher Langan proposed the Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe
which due to his IQ being estimated to be around 200 may be very interesting,
but – as often is the case with intellectual minds –
he missed out to convey it in a comprehensible way.

Hence I created this site for people interested in his theory,
to get a little brain-training by “translating” one sentence at a time
and in time translate his entire theory into an unerstandable language.

This is where you come in:
All you got to do is to read the sentence of the day and then write down the meaning of the last sentence in the comment-section.
Hopefully together we can make sense of his cryptic paper.

Example sentence:

<Original code by Christopher Langan>made human readable by viewers like yourself
Inasmuch as science is observational or perceptual in nature,
the goal of providing a scientific model and mechanism for the evolution of complex systems ultimately requires a supporting theory of reality
of which perception itself is the model
(or theory-to-universe mapping).
Since science is observational,
the goal of providing a scientific model
of the evolution of complex systems
does require a theory of which perception itself is the model.

Today’s sentence for you to put in understandable words:

Where information is the abstract currency of perception,
such a theory must incorporate the theory of information
while extending the information concept
to incorporate reflexive self-processing
in order to achieve an intrinsic (self-contained) description of reality.

This month’s contest:

The person who manages to transform this sentence into simpler words
will get a contributor membership at this site !
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